Loose Threads: Canucks curiosities and more from opening week

As the 2019-20 NHL season began, Vancouver debuted a bunch of new sweaters and a variety of jersey patches and more popped up across the league.

The first 10 days of the new hockey season brought us a bunch of new stuff to discuss. I thought I’d collect and recap them all in one big post today.

Canucks’ new Adizero jerseys

We’ll begin with the Vancouver Canucks because there is a lot to discuss. Really, a lot.

First, all of their new primary uniforms made their game debuts. The home and road sweaters just look so much cleaner without the arched “Vancouver” wordmark.

Vancouver Canucks 2019 home & road uniforms

Even the new third jersey looks good with the extra green accents, making its debut on Saturday. By the way, the Canucks finally released the schedule for this jersey, too.

Vancouver Canucks 2019 alternate uniform

The 50th anniversary patch is visible on all three uniforms. Feels a little large to me, but that said, a half-century is no small achievement. Something worth celebrating big!

So those three jerseys we all knew were coming. But at their home opener last Wednesday, the Canucks seemed to tease a couple new Adizero throwback jerseys.

Henrik Sedin and Orland Kurtenbach were on hand as the team named Bo Horvat its new captain. But take a closer look at Kurtenbach’s sweater.

Orland Kurtenbach at Canucks 2019 opening night

He’s not just wearing a 1970 Vancouver throwback replica. That’s an Adizero jersey—an NHL game-issue jersey. The Canucks wore a Reebok Edge version in 2010-11 for their 40th anniversary. Many fans have wondered if this Adizero version will be worn in a game or go on sale. Or both.

That’s not all. That same night, a handful of former Canucks got together for a group photo wearing jerseys from their particular era. This time, pay attention to Stan Smyl in that classic “V” jersey.

Group photo: Dennis Kearns, Stan Smyl, Kirk McLean, Todd Bertuzzi, and Daniel Sedin

Again, an unannounced Canucks throwback makes an appearance in the Adizero cut. And we can see more of it in these screen grabs from a video posted to the team’s website.

Stan Smyl with Vancouver Canucks throwback jersey

The only throwback jersey the Canucks have announced they plan to wear this season is the black one from the 1980s and ’90s that Kirk McLean was wearing.

Is it possible these two new Adizero jerseys make in-game appearances this season? Why bother manufacturing an Adizero edition unless it was for a game?

As for the other jerseys in that photo, Fin is wearing the current home jersey, Daniel is wearing what was the home jersey up until this year, and Todd Bertuzzi has an era-accurate jersey from the 2000s.

As for Dennis Kearns (on the left in that group photo), I have no idea what he’s wearing. It’s one of Frankenstein’s monsters. It’s sort of a 1970s throwback, except they never used the blue stick-and-rink logo on the blue jersey or that shoulder patch, which was on the 2008 third jersey. But that one had a modernized version of the crest logo. I don’t know, it’s just a weird jersey abomination.

Dennis Kearns with Vancouver Canucks throwback jersey

Anyway, before I move on from Vancouver, I did want to point out that while no other retro jerseys are slated for game action in 2019-20, the Canucks do plan to wear some throwbacks for warm-ups.

On November 5, we’ll see the stick-and-rink design that Kurtenbach wore. On December 7, they’ll use the “Flying V” jersey Smyl had on. And on March 6, they’ll use the maroon orca from Bertuzzi’s era. I’ll be eager to see whether they use those Adizero versions for the first two. Stay tuned!

Quick hits from opening week

All right, I spent a lot of time on the Canucks so I’ll move quickly through the rest of these.

After all sorts of leaks, the Anaheim Ducks finally made an official announcement regarding their orange third jersey on September 30, right before the start of the season.

Anaheim Ducks 2019 third jersey

I didn’t bother to write about it, because we’d basically already seen it. Nothing much has changed from the 2015 version. The “Anaheim” wordmark moved from the outside of the collar to the inside and now it’s all in the Adizero cut.

Elsewhere, the Buffalo Sabres debuted their 50th anniversary jersey last Saturday. The gold buffalo on the helmet was a nice touch and something that wasn’t present when the uniform was unveiled over the summer.

Buffalo Sabres 50th anniversary uniform

We also got a look at the 50th anniversary shoulder patches in action on the home and road jerseys in other games. It’s not present on the anniversary jersey.

Buffalo Sabres 50th anniversary shoulder patch

Speaking of anniversary patches, the Calgary Flames have been sporting their 40th design.

Calgary Flames 40th anniversary shoulder patch

On October 4, the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers opened their season in Prague as part of the 2019 NHL Global Series. They each wore special patches to commemorate the event.

2019 NHL Global Series shoulder patch

Two more overseas games will be played in Sweden next month between the Sabres and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The St. Louis Blues celebrated their first-ever Stanley Cup championship with a banner raising and a jersey patch in their season opener on October 2.

St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup banner and jersey patch

After that game, the Blues started wearing the All-Star logo on their shoulders. They’ll host the big weekend event in late January.

2019 NHL All-Star shoulder patch

Earlier in the week, the Ottawa Senators were seen in practice wearing third jersey gear from last season—note the silver “O” logo on the helmet and pants. This has led to speculation the Sens will resurrect that uniform rather than introducing a new one this year, as was reported by Icethetics.

Ottawa Senators practice Oct. 7 and 2018 third jersey

Finally, we’ll wrap up with the Toronto Maple Leafs. In various social media posts, fans have noticed a new “TO” logo being used. Some have wondered whether it’s a new secondary mark we might see used in a more official capacity on the uniforms at some point.

Toronto Maple Leafs marketing logo

I’m really not sure what to make of it. It’s probably just something simple meant for marketing purposes. The Maple Leafs have a great design team who do lots of cool work.

And that should just about cover everything from the opening week (or so) of the 2019-20 NHL season. The big things to watch for in the next two weeks will be the debut of the Edmonton Oilers’ new navy blue third jersey on October 18 and the new Flames and Jets throwbacks at the Heritage Classic on October 26.

That’s all for now!