New leak provides detailed look at Ducks’ third jersey

Anaheim’s new alternate uniform has leaked for the second time this summer—now via an eBay listing that includes lots of photos.

The eBay listing which has been up since at least Thursday, is now closed, but it’s given us our best look yet at the new Anaheim Ducks third jersey.

Anaheim Ducks 2019 third jersey leak / ebay

It’s an Adizero version of the orange sweater the Ducks launched in 2015-16. Our first sneak peek came back in July when photos from an Adidas B2B site were leaked. But the ebay seller included 10 photos which shed light on previously unknown details. For example, there’s a hanger effect design—Anaheim written in gold inside the collar.

Anaheim Ducks 2019 third jersey collar

It’s not a direct carryover from the 2015 Reebok edition of this jersey. That one had Anaheim in gold on the outside of the collar.

Anaheim Ducks 2015 third jersey collar

Either Adidas couldn’t replicate that feature or the Ducks wisely decided to leave it back in 2015.

Sorry for all the collar talk. There’s really not a lot to say about this leak. For what it’s worth, the original version of this jersey also leaked back in 2015. Then when the team finally “unveiled” it, it was on a game night and there wasn’t really a lot of fanfare surrounding it. My guess is it might be treated similarly this year. We’ll see.

Anaheim Ducks 2019 third jersey shoulder patch

I’m hoping we get a couple more official jersey reveals before the season starts. Who do you think we’ll see next?