Is this the Sabres’ 50th anniversary third jersey?

A series images showed up on Twitter today, from an Adidas B2B website, showing what could be new third jerseys for Buffalo and the Anaheim Ducks.

Earlier today, a few photos of a computer monitor that appears to be displaying an Adidas B2B website featuring images of some new third jerseys were posted to Twitter. Those images have since been deleted, but seem to show what’s to come for the Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks, and Vancouver Canucks.

The Sabres’ design is the most newsworthy because it's something we haven’t seen before. That said, it does align with details previously provided to Icethetics—namely the navy blue and metallic gold color palette. Other reports also said the jersey would be primarily white, as this one is. Add to that, it matches the overall look of the graphic elements the Sabres have been using in their social media marketing since the reveal of their 50th anniversary logos.

Multiple sources have confirmed the veracity of these images, so it’s fair to say this is what we should expect from the Sabres in 2019-20 as they celebrate their 50th anniversary season.

Other images posted by the same user focus on Anaheim and Vancouver.

Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks 2019-20 third jerseys / via leaked images

The new Canucks alternate was unveiled on June 15 and looks the same as it does in these images. The Ducks’ design aligns with reports that the team would be returning to its orange third jersey, which originally launched in 2015. This is an Adidas Adizero version of that Reebok Edge sweater.

Other forthcoming jerseys listed on this website did not have images attached. Given the Canucks’ jersey has already been revealed, I’m lead to think the Sabres and Ducks are shown because they’re close to publicly unveiling these designs. I can’t say that for sure, however.

Meantime, what do you think of what we’re seeing here?