Jets reveal retro jersey for 2019 Heritage Classic

Winnipeg puts Adidas to work on a throwback jersey for the second year in a row with a repeat of great results.

Tonight the Winnipeg Jets unveiled their 2019 NHL Heritage Classic jersey to those gathered at Fan Forum. And just like their opponent for the game, the Calgary Flames, it’s a reverse version of a throwback sweater they’re already wearing.

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Heritage Classic and throwback sweaters

This navy blue sweater is a perfect match for the Adidas Adizero jersey the Jets brought out last year—which, itself was a remake of a Reebok Edge jersey the team debuted at the last Heritage Classic in 2016. Interesting that Winnipeg has already gotten two outdoor games since returning to the NHL in 2011.

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Heritage Classic jersey details

The new look comes with a championship pedigree. While wearing this jersey, the Jets won three WHA championships in the late 1970s—and the league only existed for seven seasons. All right, technically a white shoulder yoke was added to the jersey in 1977, but this uniform design did raise an Avco Cup in 1976.

The Jets also announced today that this jersey will be worn beyond the Heritage Classic, as you might expect. They gave us two dates—December 3 when they host the Dallas Stars, and February 11 when the New York Rangers are in town. Definitely interesting that they chose the Rangers as an opponent for this jersey given the similar striping pattern on their sweaters.

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Heritage Classic jersey crest

Look at that crest. It’s hard not to like some good chain stitching. Adds such a level of quality to these throwback designs.

Speaking of quality, here’s a look at the full uniform kit, as modeled by Bryan Little.

Winnipeg Jets 2019 Heritage Classic full uniform

The retro pants carry over to this uniform we get a set of matching socks to complete the look.

And just like that, the 2019 NHL Heritage Classic uniform match-up is set. It’ll be a great looking game and a jersey combination we’ve never actually seen before. The Jets stopped wearing this style when they joined the NHL in 1979, a year before the Flames moved to Calgary. So to give us a sneak peek at how the uniforms look together, Adidas did provide this image.

2019 NHL Heritage Classic jersey match-up

Unfortunately the Flames jersey is barely visible here, but you get the idea.

I’ll wrap up with a recap of something I mentioned earlier today in the Flames post. These throwback jerseys are excellent tributes for special events like these outdoor games. And obviously they’re a big hit among traditionalists, but I hope teams don’t think they need to go backward in order to move their brand forward. In other words, I hope we don’t suddenly see teams going back to old jerseys full time in years to come.

I don’t imagine I’ll rally much fan support around that sentiment, but I believe in moving brands forward. Create the throwback jersey of the future today. Save the retro designs for special occasions so they remain special and truly honor the past.

2019 NHL Heritage Classic jersey patch

With that, I’m very much looking forward to watching this Heritage Classic next month. It’ll be a great bit of eye candy—and probably an exciting hockey game too!