Flames unveil 2019 Heritage Classic throwback sweater

Calgary doubles down on the 1980s with a white Adidas version of their retro third jersey for their big outdoor game in Saskatchewan next month.

The Calgary Flames are throwing it back to the 1980s for the 2019 NHL Heritage Classic. The team unveiled the white retro jersey they’ll use for the outdoor game in Regina, Saskatchewan on October 26.

Calgary Flames 2019 Heritage Classic sweater

It’s an Adizero edition of the first sweater the Flames wore after arriving from Atlanta. Oddly enough, they’ll be playing the other Canadian team yanked out of Atlanta in this Heritage Classic game.

The new sweater also happens to be a perfect match for the third jersey the Flames introduced last year—the red throwback.

Calgary Flames Heritage Classic and alternate sweaters

You can see why some fans are excited about the prospect of the team going back to the retro look full in 2020-21. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards for the Flames, but I assume it’ll depend a lot on how these jerseys sell this year.

On that subject I’m a bit torn. I don’t think Calgary’s existing primary uniforms are anything special, but I do think throwbacks are special enough to be used only on special occasions—like an outdoor game, for example.

Calgary Flames 2019 Heritage Classic jersey crest

That being said, there is a timeless quality about this look. Maybe it’s in the simplicity of the striping or the color palette, which really reinforces a sensation of heat. I don’t mind black trim the team has used since 1994, but it’s not really integral to their identity.

Here’s a brief description from the Calgary Flames’ own press release:

Calgary’s flaming “C” crest sits loud and proud on the jersey’s chest. The crest features double-layered twill embroidery. Block lettering numbering and typography is authentic to the Flames’ 1989 uniform.

Though the typography is authentic to other seasons as well, I’m sure they’re calling out 1989 in particular to remind us of the time the Flames hoisted the Stanley Cup. Can’t blame them there.

Calgary Flames 2019 Heritage Classic jersey shoulder

In their jersey announcement today, the Flames didn’t show us the full uniforms. But it’s probably safe to assume we’ll get matching socks and white helmets. They’ll probably use the breezers from the existing third jersey kit.

Calgary Flames 2019 Heritage Classic sweater

Up next will be their opponent. The Winnipeg Jets are expected to unveil their Heritage Classic jersey tonight. Like the Flames, I anticipate a reverse version of their existing throwback jersey—navy blue in this case. Should all make for a great 1980s throwback game in Saskatchewan!