Concepts Showcase
November 18, 2022
Designed by
Cameron Ferguson
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Touching the Untouchable Again

About a year ago, Cameron Ferguson gave the Red Wings a new look under the title “Touching the Untouchable.” Now, he’s back again. He writes:

As long as I’m messing with seemingly untouchable brands... here’s something for the New York Rangers. I always loved the Lady Liberty alternates, but just bringing that crest into primary usage seemed too easy. So I took the “NYR” and dropped it over a new backdrop inspired by another New York landmark, the Empire State Building. I tried to preserve/modernize the shield motif as well in the shape and coloring of the crest. The “Manhattan” alternate is my personal favorite in this set, celebrating the borough the Rangers call home. The name, number, and Manhattan wordmark font are all original.
For the readers’ information... as good as the silver trim looks in reality on the Lady Liberty jerseys, it was tough (personally) to give the greys in this set a metallic look. So I opted for the matte grey we saw through much of the Reverse Retro program instead. Just so people know my intent.
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