Predators introduce new logo for Winter Classic uniform

Nashville reveals a “heritage aesthetic” in a new shoulder patch for their forthcoming 2020 Winter Classic uniform. It’s their first new logo from the Preds since 2011.

This morning, the Nashville Predators unveiled a new logo that will be used on their uniform for the 2020 NHL Winter Classic in January. It’s not the first saber-toothed tiger head this team has used, but it is the most retro-looking.

Since the league’s biggest outdoor game is generally a celebration of hockey heritage—certainly aesthetically if nothing else—it makes sense to get a logo that was “created with a heritage aesthetic and features classic felt with custom embroidery,” according to the Predators’ website.

The team also pointed out that this is their first new logo the Preds have revealed since their redesign in 2011-12.

More importantly, the Predators confirmed the full jersey will be revealed in early November, just like the Dallas Stars, who released their Winter Classic sweater crest on Friday.

Speaking of which, the Predators did point out that this new logo will be the shoulder patch on their new sweater, not the crest. This lends added credence to rumors that the team will wear a Dixie Flyers-inspired jersey.

The Nashville Dixie Flyers played in the Eastern Hockey League in the 1960s where they won two league championships. Their jerseys were yellow with a large purple stripe across the chest, in which the team name was written in script letters.

In other words, it seems likely the new Nashville jersey will feature some type of wordmark on the front.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the Predators and Stars have in store for us come early November.