Blackhawks tease return of Winter Classic jersey

Chicago plans three third jersey nights and we get an update on the primary sweaters’ collar redesign.

On Saturday, the Chicago Blackhawks announced the release date for single-game tickets along with a hype video about some of the promotional nights for the 2019-20 season—including third jersey nights!

The Hawks’ only entry in JerseyWatch this summer has been with regard to the redesign of the collar on the primary jerseys, so the addition of a third jersey comes as a bit of a surprise. But when you consider that they’re just bringing back that gorgeous Winter Classic sweater from last season, it makes perfect sense.

The fact that a Blackhawks third jersey wasn’t included in the Adidas catalog makes sense if we acknowledge this isn’t a true third jersey—which is typically used 10-15 times a season. In the promo video, the Hawks indicate this jersey will be worn for only three nights, relegating it to the realm of throwback jerseys. Teams that wear throwbacks usually do so 2-4 times a year.

In other words, the Blackhawks are calling this a third jersey, but that’s not the terminology I’d use given how they plan to use it.

Elsewhere, a handful of readers have called my attention to some marketing materials for the NHL 20 video game that seem to show the new collar of the Blackhawks’ home jersey. I previously posted an image of a jersey with the new collar. It’s a toddler version of the replica, but you get the idea. If you haven’t seen it, take a gander.

Leaked image of 2019-20 Chicago Blackhawks home jersey with new collar treatment

The white portion of the collar has simply been cropped back to the shoulders so it looks less like a pilgrim collar. It’s a common design feature of NHL jerseys across the Adidas line. It’s not perfect but it is an improvement. The Adizero collars are just a miss in general and it’s something I believe the crew at Adidas is working toward fixing in the future. But any changes in that regard are likely to be gradual. There’s too much investment in the existing design to redo it all at once.

That’s about all I have for now. Three uniforms for the Hawks next season and looking forward to all of them!