Concepts Showcase
August 22, 2021
Designed by
Nate Thomas
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Siblings Night

Nate Thomas brings together Toronto’s NHL and NWHL clubs for a unique concept. He writes:

This concept would be for what I would call “Siblings Night.” The Toronto Maple Leafs would wear the colours of the Toronto Six, and the Six the colours of the Leafs. The Maple Leafs goes a touch more modern in design, using sublimation to add leafs in the black bands on the arms, as well as the Toronto skyline at the base of the body. For the Six, they go much more traditional in look. Inspired by the striping of the Leafs, it has its own spin on the two-stripe look, as the arms and body each have six stripes, representing the team’s name and being the sixth team in the NWHL.
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