Concepts Showcase
January 30, 2023
Designed by
Christopher D. Silbernagel
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Refreshing Quebec

Christopher Silbernagel shares his take on a Quebec Nordiques identity today, asking himself what the team might look like if they were still around today. He writes:

Even if they never moved to Colorado, those scrapped jerseys with that wolf logo likely would’ve gone away soon enough in favor of the igloo logo and at least a similar style with the powder blue. With that in mind, all I did here for the home and away was add arm stripes instead of the sleeve ends, along with some other minor alterations.
The third jersey introduces a new logo with their primary on the shoulders. I went with a snowy owl in the front—a symbol of Quebec province. I originally wanted to create a white jersey, considering the owl, but I felt this darker shade of blue looked better. Credit to Jukyelabs at Adobe Stock for the original owl design.
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