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May 22, 2022
Designed by
JJ Anderes
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Outside in Carolina

JJ Anderes is back with a bold new take on the NHL Stadium Series—which is already pretty bold! He imagines what the Hurricanes and Capitals might wear for the big day next February. He writes:

The uniforms are based on jerseys of the local football teams. Both have sleeve striping that is closer to the shoulders, as well as a design below the collar like most football uniforms. The Canes’ jersey draws from the N.C. State Wolfpack jerseys, with similar striping and colors. The italicized name and numbers are inspired by both the Wolfpack wordmark and the first Hurricanes uniform. The warning flag logo is meant to feel college-like, and I borrowed the shape from the Whalers logo. The Caps is based primarily on the D.C. flag and the new Washington Commanders uniforms.
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