Concepts Showcase
December 17, 2020
Designed by
Joel Dickau
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Neon Lightning

We have newcomers to the Concepts Showcase two days in a row! Very exciting. Joel Dickau makes his debut today with an interesting new take on the Tampa Bay Lightning. He writes:

I made a full set of four jerseys for the Lightning, completely changing their look. I’ve had two big issues with the Lightning for years. First, why did they ever decide to try and look (almost exactly) like the Leafs? And second, why can’t they get their logo right? I’ve never really liked their primary logo, going right back to day one in the early ’90s.
I actually think their current jerseys are nice enough, but they’re just wrong. The pairing of black and blue is unique, but that fact has been severely diminished on their current set. So the main home and road jerseys I’ve designed take them back to featuring black, with blue as a trim color.
I also thought that the blue they’ve always used is so dark, that it doesn’t really stand out next to the black. So I’ve changed the blue to a new lighter shade, something I think is a little more “electric.” The first alternate jersey features the blue, and the fourth jersey adds silver (grey) as the main color along with a bit of a faux-back feel.
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