Concepts Showcase
February 27, 2023
Designed by
Christopher D. Silbernagel
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Mighty Ducks With a Touch of Orange

In the wake of the popularity of Anaheim’s Reverse Retro jerseys—which paid tribute to their Mighty Ducks era in big ways—a lot of fans are hoping the team moves back in that direction next season. If they do, I just hope they honor their existing identity by at least keeping the orange—something like what Christopher Silbernagel has done with this concept. He writes:

I wanted to return to jade and eggplant because I love that combination. I scrapped my original idea to keep the current logo on the front and instead placed a modified version of it onto both shoulders instead. I also went back to the duck goalie mask, but changed the colors on the sticks to retain the reference to Orange County. Realizing that these still resembled their original jerseys too much, which admittedly I am a big fan of, I decided to add jade to the shoulders and mix up the white and eggplant.
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