Concepts Showcase
August 24, 2019
Designed by
Nick Burton
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Arizona Foursome

Nick Burton is starting a new series today and rather than droning on about it, I’ll let him explain.

These concepts are part of a series to rebrand the NHL as a four-jersey league, somewhat similar to what Nike did a couple years ago in the NBA. Teams would be able to wear whatever jersey they like on any given night depending on contrast with their opponent.
I know logistically that this would be a nightmare for road teams, but I’ve seen someone suggest that when a team goes on the road they get to choose what jerseys they will be wearing and the home teams will adjust what they wear based on the road teams decision.
I know some of the jerseys are somewhat similar to the teams current jerseys but I am hoping that by presenting all four jerseys at once, readers won’t get upset that they’re similar.

So here we go. We’re kicking things off with Nick’s take on the Arizona Coyotes. And it’s just what I would expect from a four-uniform set—standard home and road along with a third-color alternate and a fun throwback. I can’t wait to share the rest of his series!

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