Stars preview Winter Classic look with logo reveal

Dallas unveiled the historically inspired logo that will represent the team at the 2020 NHL Winter Classic at the Cotton Bowl.

The Dallas Stars released a video today that gave us our first look at the crest we’ll see on their uniforms at the next Winter Classic, to be played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The jersey itself has not yet been released; it’s expected in November.

It’s a design inspired by uniforms worn by the USHL’s Dallas Texans—not to be confused with the NFL and arena football teams of the same name. The Texans played four seasons in the United States Hockey League in the 1940s, wearing blue and red.

I think it’s safe to say the Stars will stick with their trusty Victory Green hue, but I do expect some references to the old Texans jerseys. Here’s a look at one example in a photo currently seen on the Stars’ own website.

Dallas Texans

If those look like Montreal Canadiens jerseys, you’re not far off. Let your imagination add the colors back in and that should give you a clearer picture.

So if the colors aren’t carrying over, what is? I don’t know anything for certain, but I’d be surprised not to see the stars on the sleeves.

Their opponent, the Nashville Predators, have not yet released their Winter Classic crest. Either it’s coming soon, or maybe we’ll get a rare crest-free Winter Classic jersey from them. If they go with a Dixie Flyers throwback, it may just be a simple script. Stay tuned.