Penguins, Flyers 2019 Stadium Series jerseys leak

It’s the last jersey leak of the 2018-19 season and they’re pretty much what we were expecting.

The last new sweaters of the 2018-19 season have leaked within probably a week or two of their official unveiling. A photo was tweeted today that appears to show the jerseys that will be worn by the Philadelphia Flyers and Pittsburgh Penguins for the 2019 NHL Stadium Series.

The photo showed up in a photo tweeted by @dkviper on Monday. They appear to be hanging on a rack in a sporting goods store. Something tells me they were in a box that wasn’t supposed to be opened yet. But here we are.

The Flyers jersey matches another leak earlier this month that showed a youth jersey.

In December, both the Flyers and Penguins revealed their Stadium Series crests and said the jerseys would be revealed in February. They’ll probably arrive officially in the next week or two since the game is now less than a month away on Feb. 23. But there’s no need to wonder anymore.

With that image of the Penguins jersey, that’s the last new sweater design we’ll see for the 2018-19 season. All the remaining unreleased jerseys have now leaked. Apart from the Stadium Series, we’re still expecting the Tampa Bay Lightning to introduce a new black third jersey within a week or two and the Toronto Maple Leafs will wear an Adizero version of their St. Pats throwback in March. Both of those jerseys leaked in November.


January 31 — Adidas released a teaser video on Thursday morning that was probably supposed to serve as a sneak peek at the jerseys. But since they’ve been appearing on store shelves, the mystique isn’t working out.

The video did confirm that the jerseys will be officially revealed tomorrow (Feb. 1). Presumably, the full uniforms will be revealed at the same time.

Teasers aside, Penguins fans got a pretty good look at their full kit today via a few tweets. For one thing, one of the fans that bought a jersey that probably shouldn’t have been sold yet, posted a bunch of detailed photos online.

Meanwhile, the team has been practicing in their pants and gloves to break them in. Here are a couple of photos that have been tweeted.

Stay tuned for the official reveal tomorrow!