New Edmonton third jersey finally becomes official

The Oilers’ new third jersey leaked long ago but today it was officially announced—and even that was a couple of days earlier than we expected.

Today the Edmonton Oilers officially revealed their new third jersey for the 2019-20 season. And it fully aligns with the leak that happened in early August.

Two weeks ago, the Oilers said fans would get their first “live view” of the new jersey at Fan Day this Saturday. That lead me to believe the jersey would be revealed that day, so I was a little surprised to see it out today.

Edmonton Oilers 2019 third jersey

Twitter response is still mixed as usual, though I have noticed a handful of people talking about how they’ve come around on the design since the initial leak. So I’m always curious to see how Adidas and a team’s own PR crew spin things. Here’s a line from the Oilers’ website.

Fusing sport and culture, the special-edition jersey features modern and futuristic design elements that create a clean, sleek and bold new look for the Oilers.

Farther down the page it’s described as “merging modernity with legacy,” which I can understand.

Unlike what appears to be a majority, I actually like this uniform. The Oilers already wear orange and white jerseys, so a third would naturally use their third color, navy blue. And the execution should be something a little off the beaten track. I have nothing against a throwback jersey. It has its place. But when you want an alternate, you gotta go all in on something unique.

That said, I’m not sure the Oilers went “all in” here, but I do appreciate the effort. I like the approach of going without white. Their color palette certainly supports it. Plenty of contrast between navy blue and that “glossy orange,” as the team describes it.

Edmonton Oilers 2019 third jersey (back)

As far as it being futuristic in any way, it is a little like the two-tone Stadium Series jerseys the Flyers and Penguins wore last season—only the helmet isn’t as wild. Probably a wise choice. But I don’t necessarily see this style being futuristic. Even today’s younger fans tend to get indoctrinated into the “traditional” mindset as they get older.

That being said, if these jerseys start flying off the shelves, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see more copycats. After all, teams like the Maple Leafs and Red Wings have been successful with the two-tone style for many decades. Maybe it’s the next trend.

The nice thing that came with today’s announcement was that we finally got a look at the full uniform. All we’d seen to this point was the jersey itself. The hype video released by the Oilers shows of the rest of the gear including helmet and socks, which don’t stray from the sweater.

Edmonton Oilers 2019 alternate uniform socks

They don’t really show a great close-up of the helmet in the hype video, but from what I can make out, it appears they’re using the raised 3D decal the Hurricanes are using on their new road uniform.

Edmonton Oilers 2019 alternate uniform helmet

I like the 3D decal. I’m torn between seeing it as a novelty and imagining it to be the way of the future in terms of helmet designs. I suppose it does add an extra layer of visual interest to those close-up shots during games on TV. It looks a little gimmicky, but I feel like in time that will go away—especially if it gets used by more teams.

So there it is. The Oilers third jersey is official and plenty of fans have plenty of opinions. What’s yours?