Leaked: First look at L.A. Kings’ 2020 Stadium Series jersey

Photos provided to Icethetics show the Kings’ new sweater already on a store shelf well ahead of its official unveiling. The Avs’ jersey was leaked just over a week ago.

Late Thursday night, Icethetics shared the first photo of the 2020 NHL Stadium Series jersey belonging to the Los Angeles Kings. Tonight, I have a couple more which show the full front and back of the sweater.

Los Angeles Kings 2020 Stadium Series jersey (leaked)

It’s a unique design, to say the least, with the half-and-half color scheme with an upward slope. The “LA” crest has a clever mix of modern and retro elements. But the response online over the past 24 hours has been decidedly negative. I won’t say I’m surprised by that, nor will I echo it.

Is it the best hockey sweater design ever? Of course not. But why should it be?

It’s a one-off. It’s an experiment. I’d be disappointed if we just got more of the same with every new jersey release. But that’s me.

This leak comes just over a week after the Colorado Avalanche’s Stadium Series jersey also leaked online. Those original photos showed a youth edition of the jersey. Shortly after, another photo of the full uniform began making the rounds, seen below.

Colorado Avalanche 2020 Stadium Series jersey (leaked)

From that photo, we can see the pants and socks. Although it appears the “model” is wearing the pants backwards. I’m pretty sure the NHL shield only appears on the back. The only reason that might be relevant is if the pants feature a special logo.

So the 2020 Stadium Series sure is shaping up to be visually unique. This will be the seventh year of the outdoor event and each one has brought something completely new and different. In the next few days I’ll put together an article taking a look back at the jerseys that have been worn over the years.

For now, what do you think of these sweaters?