Dallas Stars reveal 2020 Winter Classic uniform

Taking inspiration from the Lone Star State’s first pro hockey team, the Stars have added a great retro jersey to their lineup.

On Wednesday morning, the Dallas Stars unveiled the new sweater they’ll wear on January 1 for the 2020 NHL Winter Classic at Cotton Bowl Stadium. It’s Victory Green with—rather appropriately—a big “D” front and center.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic sweater

The attention to detail truly makes this uniform something special. I even like the undersized shoulder yoke, which is an underused retro jersey element. And check out the patches on the sleeves.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic uniform detail

The retro gloves and pants received a mixed response from fans yesterday, but it’s one of those elegant touches that takes you back in time. Could the branding be a little less intrusive? Sure, though we cant’t lose sight of the fact that all of this is about money anyway. But I digress.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic uniform detail

This is easily one of my favorite Winter Classic jerseys yet. And I say that just days after a tepid response to the Predators’ design.

The felt numbers and patches are another great detail.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic uniform detail

Since the Stars have only been around since 1993, after moving from Minnesota, they don’t have a lot of their own history from which to borrow a jersey design. So to get that retro feel that’s vital to any Winter Classic, the Stars—like their opponent in Nashville—decided to pay tribute to the earliest days of pro hockey in their hometown while mixing in their own unique color palette.

Dallas Texans team photo

The Dallas Texans began play in 1941 in the American Hockey Association, and later moved to the United States Hockey League. They wore red and blue, the colors of the Texas state flag. (They even wore Montreal Canadiens jerseys with a big “D” replacing the “CH” on the chest.) And even that detail hasn’t been lost in the new sweater.

You can’t see it when Tyler Seguin is wearing it, but this sweater features a hanger effect—the Texas state flag inside the collar.

Dallas Stars 2020 Winter Classic jersey collar

I honestly cannot say there is anything about this uniform I don’t like. It’s the complete package and I hope to see the Stars wear it more than once—maybe even as a third jersey for a few seasons.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing this one on New Year’s Day. I just wish the Predators had gone with yellow.

What’s your take?