Boston Bruins officially unveil new third jersey

Following a leak in early August, Bruins fans finally got the first official look at their team’s alternate uniform today—a simplified black version of their 2019 Winter Classic sweater.

Nearly four months after it first leaked, the new Boston Bruins third jersey was officially unveiled to season ticket holders at the club’s annual Harvest Festival this afternoon.

Boston Bruins 2019 alternate uniform

Anders Bjork and Connor Clifton were among the players on hand to model the sweaters, which the team described as paying “homage to the club’s rich heritage, harkening back to the late 1940s, early 1950s era when Bruins legends like Milt Schmidt once styled a gold, varsity block-B as their uniform centerpiece.”

The Bruins also pointed out that “the sleeve and hem stripes are inspired by the Bruins unique numbered front jerseys from 1940-1948”—a period during which the Bruins never wore a black sweater. In fact, the first time they wore black was 1948. Prior to that they used mostly white sweaters, with yellow and brown occasionally popping up.

Boston Bruins 2019 alternate uniform

The collar breaks from the Adizero standard, using a design introduced with the 2018 Winter Classic jerseys worn by the Rangers and Sabres.

Boston Bruins 2019 third jersey collar

There’s not too much to say about this jersey. It’s a pretty simple design. That’s usually a good thing and, for the most part, it is here as well.

Only the shoulders leave something to be desired. Despite the visually interesting shoulder yokes seen on almost every historical Bruins jersey, they just left this one blank. Seems like some extra gold or white striping would’ve added something.

Anyway, Boston will debut the new alternate uniform rather fittingly on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. It will be worn 10 more times throughout the season, though I haven’t seen specific dates yet.

Third Jerseys Still to Come...

The announcement of the Bruins’ third jersey is a good opportunity to talk about what’s still to come this season.

Florida Panthers | I don’t have a lot of clarity on the Cats at this point. I’m told it’s 50-50 as to whether we see their new third this year.

Nashville Predators | The Preds had an alternate in the works, but have backed off with the addition of their Winter Classic jersey this season. I’d expect to see their new third in 2020-21.

Vegas Golden Knights | Production issues have delayed this one. Solid rumors say it’s gold but getting it to look right has been a challenge. Bill Foley alluded to that last time he spoke about it. It’s still slated for this season, but maybe much later on. The Lightning set a new precedent last year when they released their third in February.

Other teams in the Adidas catalog last winter included the Red Wings, Wild, Rangers, but as I’ve previously reported, those jerseys all seem to be off the table for this season. Detroit may be out of the mix for good. New York is still up in the air for 2020 and beyond with a new Liberty look.

Minnesota is more likely for next year—though they’re still hoping to host the 2021 Winter Classic, which could throw a wrench in any third jersey plans.

That’s all I know for now. The next Adidas catalog should be available in the coming months to give us an idea of what to expect in 2020-21.