Concepts Showcase
April 11, 2020
Designed by
Travis Hawkins
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Winter Classic Under the Sunshine

Travis Hawkins is taking a stab at designing a Winter Classic for the Sunshine State—an outdoor game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers.

He was inspired by this season’s game where the Stars and Predators wore uniforms inspired by teams from the past rather than their own history. He’s done something similar for the Bolts and Cats.

“The home team Tampa Bay Lightning have jerseys based on the Jacksonville Rockets,” he explains. “I know Tampa is quite a distance from Jacksonville but [the Rockets] played some games in St. Pete and were the first pro hockey team in Florida so I thought they needed to be recognized.”

“I based the Panthers’ jerseys on the WHL Miami Screaming Eagles that never were,” Travis adds. “I’m sure you know their story, but a quick rundown: the WHA originally allotted a franchise to Miami, but they didn’t have a rink. So before ever playing a game, they relocated to Philly to become the Blazers.”

Well thought out and very well executed. I wouldn’t mind one bit seeing these sweaters in action some day.

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