Concepts Showcase
September 17, 2022
Designed by
Alan Waldron
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Winter Classic: 1967 Edition

Alan Waldron helps us envision the next Winter Classic between the Bruins and Penguins. He writes:

I thought it’d be cool to create modern replicas of both Bruins and Penguins 1967-68 uniforms. The Bruins uniforms are actually pretty similar to what they wore in ’67 with the exception of the coloring of the Spoked-B and striping widths. I think you could make the argument that this look is better than their current look. And I know Pens fans are over blue throwbacks, but blue on white is not a palette they’ve used before and that blue just pops on the uniforms and the ice. But Pens fans love gold jerseys so I included a gold/black version of the jersey that they'll probably like better that you can throw into the additional images. But that’d be a lot of black and yellow on the ice at the same time!

You can see the all black-and-gold set under the Extra Images tab. There’s also some reference photos for both teams from 1967-68.

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