Concepts Showcase
October 11, 2019
Designed by
Travis Hawkins
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Vegas of Olde

We have Concepts Showcase debut! Travis Hawkins makes his first appearance on Icethetics with this Vegas Golden Knights throwback. Actually, if you look closely at the shoulders, it’s a Winter Classic uniform. Travis is advocating for an outdoor game in the chilly southwest desert between the Knights and Coyotes. I’ll share his Arizona concept sometime in the near future.

I really like the look of this Vegas sweater. That crest feels like something this franchise would’ve worn if it had been founded in the 1940s or ’50s—though admittedly there wasn’t much to Las Vegas at that point in history. (Hence the Freak Out Friday of it all.)

Anyway, as the Stars and Predators go down the fake throwback road for the upcoming 2020 Winter Classic, it’s interesting to see what other teams might consider under similar circumstances.

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