Concepts Showcase
July 1, 2022
Designed by
Joshua Melmon
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Variations on the Canucks

Joshua Melmon makes his debut on the Concepts Showcase on Canada Day with a celebration of a certain Canadian NHL team. He brings us an interesting redesign of the Vancouver Canucks. And if you tap the Extra Images tab, you’ll find several more color palette options. He writes:

This individual concept is my latest attempt to salvage my least favorite Canucks logo and uniform, the Flying Skate and the ’95 red alternate. The logo set includes a modernized Skate, adaptations of the Stick in Rink and Millionaires V, and a brand new Skyline logo.
I’ve also included versions in three additional color schemes (West Coast Express colors, Vancouver Whitecaps colors, and blue & green), since I’m not a fan of the Calgary color scheme for the Canucks.

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