Concepts Showcase
September 20, 2022
Designed by
Danny Benson
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Tampa Refresh

Danny Benson makes his Concepts Showcase debut today with a fresh look for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He writes:

As a longtime Lightning fan, I’ve always appreciated their distinctive [original] look: the 3D bolt, their black-blue-silver color scheme, and of course, their victory stripes. Their 2011-12 rebrand oversimplified what made them stand out in the past. Seeing a few of the recent retro jerseys come out made me wonder what TB could do to bring back those aspects that made them unique!
I took their 2011-12 wordmark and overlaid it on the original Bolt. Added in a few design elements that I thought worked well and expanded upon them. This look will probably never happen, but a man can dream, right?
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