Concepts Showcase
September 12, 2020
Designed by
Quinn Zielonko
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Stars Inspired by Winter

Quinn Zielonko has a fresh new take on the Dallas Stars, with inspiration from their Winter Classic sweater. He writes:

The Stars’ current jerseys are fine, but to me, when they introduced black, they became Dallas. I like the old color scheme, so I blended it with some modern elements.
Home: I love the use of negative space, so I took the bold Winter Classic logo and made it black. The old Stars logo is sublimated in the stripes. Even though black is the primary, there are also still a lot of green and gold accents that make this pop.
Road: The away jersey is just a reverse, again using negative space for the logo. I think the sublimation looks even cooler here with the dark background.
Green Alt: No reason we can’t use an alternate to pay homage to that North Stars heritage! The logo is my own intertwined creation, partly the “D” from the Winter Classic logo and partly the old star logo recolored. White breezers come in here too from the Winter Classic game.
Star-stripe Alt: Lastly, here’s the faux-back to the great late ’90s/early ’00s jerseys. The star pattern is toned down a bit, stripes are altered and colors are switched around from the original.  
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