Concepts Showcase
September 7, 2021
Designed by
Bret Kenworthy
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Simply San Jose

Bret Kenworthy is back with a gorgeous and simplified redesign of the San Jose Sharks. He’s taken all the best elements of the brand and put them together in new way. To see the full detail of each uniform as well as some of the inspiration behind his work, be sure to tap the Extra Images tab.

Bret offers a few notes here:

• Went back to the OG colour scheme.
• Mashed the previous two logos together and created a hybrid.  
• Home and away jersey striping is based on the 1998-2001 designs.
• The third jersey pays tribute to their very first black third jersey.  
• Included the same numbering and fonts as they use now.
• Incorporated the silicon details that are featured on their current alternate.  
• No shoulder patches to keep everything “light and clean.”
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