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June 14, 2022
Designed by
Jean-Philippe Forgues
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Saving the Senators

Jean-Philippe Forgues shares a refreshing take on the Ottawa Senators today in an effort to help save a beloved brand. He writes:

I was so excited when they announced that they were going back to their original look... but was expecting a little bit of a refresher. Here's my take:
— Logo: I tried to give the logo a little upgrade without starting over.
— Shoulder patches: The actual patches are tacky... I'm giving them a tribute to their past. The =O= was fine, but was kind of boring. For me, the team should embrace their bilingual identity!
— Home jersey: I truly believe that the actual design is lacking some white. I was inspired by the Sabres.
— Away jersey: Black sleeves are a must for any white Sens jersey in my opinion. The actual white jersey is a miss.

For a deeper dive into Jean-Philippe’s redesign and a closer look at his logos, be sure to check the Extra Images tab.

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