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September 18, 2021
Designed by
Jake Tucker
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Outdoors in the Desert

Now that the look of the 2022 Winter Classic has been fully revealed, what lies beyond? Jake Tucker proposes a future outdoor game in the desert between the Coyotes and Hurricanes. He writes:

While making the jerseys, I wanted to take certain elements from other throwbacks to give it the feel that the Winter Classic brings every year, such as stripes that cover the majority of the sleeves and minimalistic logos. The patch itself is in the shape of the state of Arizona and features the Four Peaks mountains and a sunset design which is taken from the striping of the desert-sand Coyotes jersey. The Canes uniform on the other hand uses a block letter "C" with the symbol for hurricanes in the negative space.

For a closer look at his jersey designs, tap the Extra Images tab.

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