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August 10, 2021
Designed by
Joel Dickau
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New Calgary Classic

Joel Dickau has an new take on a classic Calgary Flames look. He’s sticking with the standard red and yellow but with a few interesting tweaks. Check the Extra Images tab to see the back of each sweater.

For a more complete explanation of the design, Joel writes:

Upfront, I would just like to say that I am a die-hard Oilers fan who grew up watching the battle of Alberta in its glory days. So, I hate the Flames. HATE. The only thing I hate more than the Flames is every single jersey that they’ve worn since 1994. Except of course, for their throwbacks, which have now thankfully been restored as their primary jerseys. And I can freely admit that I love those, and have always loved their logo.
As much as I love their new old jerseys, I do feel like the stripes on them are a little clunky. I also have a rule of my own that I made up for designing sports jerseys: white and yellow/gold should never touch. To me, the yellow always tends to get washed out a bit by the white and just doesn’t have as much punch or look as crisp. So I’ve created a set of jerseys that I think has more streamlined striping on the main home and road jerseys, while also making the yellow pop by always using red to keep it separate from the white. I also adjusted the logos to consistently keep white and yellow separate.
P.S.: I know that Jonny Gaudreau is not the captain, I just wanted to show how the C would look on each jersey. Plus, maybe it’s a little troll for all the Flames fans ;)
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