Concepts Showcase
January 10, 2021
Designed by
Nate Thomas
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Fun with the Mighty Ducks

Today marks a couple of firsts for Nate Thomas as he makes his debut appearance here on the Concepts Showcase and this afternoon on the TALKBACK, a new original series from Icethetics’ YouTube channel. He writes:

I wanted to bring back the fun of the Mighty Ducks, but still stay true to the history of the team. In each jersey, there are parts of jerseys past (yoke outline on home/away, diagonal striping on the alternate, etc.) For the colours, I merged the original eggplant with the modern orange. The Reverse Retro was an idea I had since the jerseys were announced, and would have loved to see them go to the 2003 alternate for a start. I added the orange, but to fit with this rebrand, included the eggplant in the bands.
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