Concepts Showcase
July 24, 2020
Designed by
Evan Needell
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Fishsticks For All

On the heels of the big Seattle Kraken name announcement yesterday, I wanted to continue the maritime theme for this Freak Out Friday. Evan Needell writes in with a new third jersey idea for the New York Islanders.

“There's a lot of buzz among the fanbase about the Fisherman being brought back as a third jersey. It's amazingly divisive, largely across generational lines,” Evan writes.

“I set out to design something that could be a compromise between the younger fans who love the Fisherman jersey and the older fans who loathe it and the era it represents,” he says. “So I kept the very ’90s color scheme and dropped the Fisherman logo for the Lighthouse logo.”

What do you think? It’s never possible to please everyone, but do you think he’s gotten close? Or is it just freaking you out?

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