Concepts Showcase
March 23, 2020
Designed by
Michael Wachala
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Devils in Dark Mode

Rookie alert! Michael Wachala is making his debut on the Concepts Showcase today with this intriguing set of sweaters for the New Jersey Devils. He’s done some interesting things with color, including making red an accent and trading white for grey.

So where did he get the ideas? Michael writes:

Long time fan of your website. Also a long time fan of the Devils. I made this concept based around themes from local teams.
The dark Jersey is based on the NY Red Bulls current dark mode kit. It’s got a twist that it’s a blacked out version of Devils green throwbacks, which was done as a kind of Easter egg. I feel like the Devils would look slick in a black and red third.
The lighter concept is based on the XFL NY Guardians. I felt the teams colors and striping had a NJ Devils feel to it. Would look great on the team.  
I feel like the NHL should adopt the NBA’s 4-5 jersey policy that technically doesn’t have a home jersey and lets the team choose their unis. These two different concepts would be a fun new addition to the current sets, which are basically classic in their own right.
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