Concepts Showcase
December 4, 2020
Designed by
Rick Newton
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Can You Do This to St. Louis?

We have a newcomer on the Concepts Showcase today! Rick Newton makes his debut with a pretty wild take on the St. Louis Blues just in time for a Freak Out Friday. He writes:

I always liked the jerseys from the Wayne Gretzky era, with two exceptions—one being way too much red on the dark jersey, and the music staff stripes were only four stripes. So I've rectified those issues, and used the wordmark logo from that era as the main front sweater logo.
Since I strongly believe the Blues logo is one of the iconic logos in the NHL—even all of sports—I couldn’t leave it off the jersey, and thus, I could never see these as the main sweater for the Blues, only as an alternative jersey. I think they are interesting nonetheless.
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